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Install Google Chrome in Debian Lenny

This is simple.

First, get the package

Go to and select the 32-bit .deb for Debian/Ubuntu, then click "Accept and Install". This will download google-chrome-beta_current_i386.deb.

Optional: Prevent Chrome from adding the Google repository

If you want Chrome to keep itself up-to-date, don't do this step. However, if you just want to check Chrome out without changing too much, you might want to type the following command at the command line:


Disable the New Google Layout

EDIT (8.5.2010) - No longer works. I give up, Google. The new interface is worse, but I suppose I'll get over it.

EDIT - This method no longer works. Google has updated their Labs search to use the new layout. Instead, you can use this URL to keep the old-fashioned Google:

I saw the new Google search results page layout for the first time tonight.  I then googled "turn off new google layout".  I suppose I don't handle change very well.  If you hate the new Google layout too, here's how to fix it: