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Oracle SQL Developer: Enter the full pathname for java.exe

I encountered the following message repeatedly when trying to start SQL Developer from my installation of Oracle Database 11g Enterprise: Enter the full pathname for java.exe.

No matter how many times I browsed to the correct path, I kept being presented with the exact same dialog box. This was in Windows 7, and the solution was to right-click on the SQL Developer icon and select "Run as administrator". I then used this path: C:\app\shellperson\product\11.1.0\db_1\jdk\jre\bin\java.exe


Using sudo with an alias

Typically sudo will ignore any aliased commands from your .bashrc, .bash_aliases, or the alias command. For example, I use "ll" as an alias for "ls -lh". Typing "ll" will give me a long-listing of a directory's contents, while typing "sudo ll" will give me:

sudo: ll: command not found

I learned this when I tried to create an alias for "shutdown" that would refuse to shutdown if rtorrent was running. Unfortunately you need root privileges to use /sbin/shutdown, and sudo would completely ignore the clever script I aliased as "shutdown". The solution is an additional alias:

alias sudo='sudo '


Install Firefox 3.6 in Debian Lenny

Two reasons for this:
1. It's the newest version of Firefox.
2. "Firefox" sounds cooler than "Iceweasel"

This won't be upgraded with "apt-get upgrade"

This is being run on a very sparse system. Here are the packages you should probably get, if you don't already have them:

apt-get update && apt-get install xorg iceweasel bzip2 libdbus-glib-1-2

Download the most recent version of Firefox.


How to Install MPD in Debian Lenny

mpd is my favorite music player. Here's how to install it in Debian Lenny.

You'll need to be root for this (type "su" without the quotes), or add "sudo" before each command.

Install mpd (Music Player Daemon) and mpc (Music Player Command).

apt-get install mpd mpc

Configure mpd. You can use nano (or any text editor) in place of vim if you prefer. I didn't change anything except I commented-out (with the hash symbol) the bind_to_address, as it was causing the following error when I tried to use mpc:

MPD_HOST and/or MPD_PORT environment variables are not set
error: problems getting a response from "localhost" on port 6600 : Connection refused

The bind_to_address line should look like this:

#bind_to_address	""

Put a symbolic link to your music in mpd's default music directory. Obviously you'll need to replace /home/james/music with the path to your music directory.

ln -s /home/james/music /var/lib/mpd/music

Make sure mpd has permission to read your music files. In my case, because all of my music is on an external NTFS drive, all of the file permissions on my music were a little odd. They belonged to the user "james" (me) and the group "users", and did not allow anyone who was not the owner or not in the group to read them. To fix this I added the user "mpd" (which was created when we installed mpd) to the group "users".

usermod -G users mpd

Create the music database. If you're music files don't scroll down the screen, then mpd isn't finding them. Make sure you made the symbolic link to mpd's default music folder, and that the permissions are set correctly.

mpd --create-db

Restart mpd, because earlier we changed mpd.conf.

/etc/init.d/mpd restart

Find and play your music. Replace yourawesomeband with whatever artist you want to listen to.

mpc search artist yourawesomeband | mpc add ; mpc play

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